Friday, January 2, 2015

Winter Rose, 6x6 oil painting

Winter Rose
6x6 oil painting
on Raymar cotton panel

This flower gave me fits!  I painted it from life -- a rose from the miniature bush I bought at the market last year.  I struggled to keep the plant alive during our hot summer months, and once the weather cooled down, it bloomed like crazy.  It produces the most delicate white and pink roses, but what a challenge to paint it! The little glass jar is also from the market -- so cute, it had fruit in it.  The lemon was recycled from yesterday's painting, from the tree in my back yard.  Tonight it's going to be 29 degrees here in Mesa, so I think this may be the last of my lemons that you see.  I hope the tree survives.

This painting is available for purchase through Daily Paintworks

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