Friday, August 17, 2012

Mount Moran, 9x12 oil painting on canvas panel

Last year we visited Teton National Park, Yellowstone and the surrounding areas.  We had gone to that area to celebrate the life of my husband's mother, who had passed away earlier that year.  Marquita lived in Driggs, Idaho -- on the west side of the Tetons.  It was quite a trip.  We also visited a ranch in Jackson that had been owned by my husband's grandfather (the Aspen M).  The present owners were very gracious, and they allowed us to walk around the ranch, talk to the staff (some of whom remember his grandfather) and take photos.  I took many photos of the Tetons, and although the weather was overcast much of the time, I took a photo of Mt. Moran, looking across Jackson Lake, that turned out quite well.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY wonderful... You said "not bad"... I say.. great!!

    Thanks for the link to this blog... I had looked and found your website but this blog did not come up and I'd like to "follow" you on this blog although I prefer using my FASO website blog for my own.

    See you soon, I hope.